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Apr 29 2010

Barcelona Pick of the week 3-9 May 2010

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D.O. Restaurant. Barcelona
A small and modest restaurant where you can order classic Catalan dishes, that come in small portions. A remarkable dish from this restaurant is the codfish in tomato sauce or `croquetas´ (a kind of croquettes filled for example with cheese, ham or vegetables). The menu is in Catalan only, but if you use a bit of your imagination, you´ll know what you eat. A real surprise is the `menu de degustación´, a menu that consists out of nine tapas en three desserts for two people. They also offer more than 300 different kinds of wine.

Apartments near this restaurant can be found by using the following link: Apartments in the Eixample-area

John McLaughlin & the 4th dimension – 6 May
British jazz fusion guitarist John McLaughlin is on tour with his band the 4th Dimension in support of new album, To the One. This date is at Barcelona's Palau de la Música. McLaughlin played on landmark Miles Davis electric fusion albums including, Bitches Brew and On the Corner. In the Seventies he enjoyed success with his electric Mahavishnu Orchestra, as well as exploring Indian influences with his acoustic group Shakti, featuring tabla maestro Zakir Hussain. The group display telepathic interaction on a fiery set of songs, with McLaughlin's scintillating guitar playing in turn, probing, vulnerable and explosive.
Where: Palau de la Música
Apartments near this concerthall: Apartments in the Born-area

Chocolate Museum
Are you looking for an alternative, but still interesting museum? Then bring a visit to the Chocolatemuseum. The most eyecatching piece is Snowy, the famous Barcelona-zoo albino gorilla. He has been recrated with white chocolate on fullsize. The museum also houses a vast quantity of workshops, stories and theatre about chocolate and its origins. How tastful!
Apartments near this museum

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