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Nov 08 2011

Casa Rubino Apartment in Rome

Posted by at 10:46 on Apartments,Rome

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rubino-apartment-romaJust livin' in the heart of Rome


Bright colors on the walls, warm and welcoming atmosphere, spacious and thoroughly modern disposition, very central located: with this characteristics we present a charming apartment in Rome.

Casa Rubino Apartment can accommodate up to 6 people in its 70 square meters. The space is designed to ensure freedom and autonomy: it has 3 bedrooms, each one with private bathroom. The details are young and elegant.

In addition, its location is priceless. Rome is a huge city and distances make the difference: staying in the heart of the city is the perfect opportunity to easily explore all  wonders are around.

colosseoCasa Rubino Apartment is 15 minutes walk from the Coliseum and Roman Forum, the real archeological treasures in Rome.
Coliseum is the most ancient monument from ancient Rome. The surface area, which totals about 19.000 square meters, was arranged into four sections, each of which could hold up to 70.000 spectators, seeing the gladiators' show. The Emperor was placed in the center, deciding the gladiators' destiny with a simple hand gesture. In the fifth century the games were prohibited and the Coliseum was gradually abandoned.
Actually is probably the most impressive symbol of Rome.

Testimonials who stayed in Casa Rubino Apartment:

"Our stay in Casa Rubino was awesome. The apartment is perfect for relaxing after visiting the most beautiful city in the world. Very well located, with bus and metro stop very close. Everything really comfortable, and people really helpful… We recommend this apartment to everyone wants to visit Rome, especially if in group. Come on, everybody in Rome!"
More information about the apartment

More information about the area

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