Festas de la Mercè 2013

Celebration of the city's patron saint


barcelona la mercè 2013

Here it is –  La Mercè in Barcelona. The festivities are in full swing already. Last Sunday, the first events started and they won’t stop before Monday the 30th of September. Different events take place simultaneously in various locations. All events per day can be found on their official page: www.merce.bcn.cat

La Mercè stands for the patron saint of the city. Its traditions are celebrated for years, always around the 24th of September. Over 1 million people participate in these festivities and enjoy music, artistic performances and creativity. Even private companies and local associations are involved as sponsorships. Therefore, all events are for free.

Tuesday the 24th is a public holiday and is widely celebrated. Fireworks, human tower building, Museums …there is a lot to explore on that day.

barcelona la merce  barcelona correfoc


If you feel guilty about going out and enjoying the festivals instead of working hard, La Mercè gives you the perfect excuse. There is a photo competition about the best picture from La Mercè. People can take a photo that reflects the body of these festivities and are able to upload it on their webpage between the 21st and 30th of September. The available prizes range from 150€ to up to 1000€.


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