December 2015 in Barcelona is a great opportunity to expierence the warm catalan Christmas culture.

Caga tio Barcelona 2015

December is the month of woolen sweatshirts, cozy blankets and hot beverages. It is time to forget the sweaty summer and enjoy the pleasant winter in one of europes greatest Cities.

Caga Tio

Catalan christmas is a bit different as the Christmas you are probably used to. One of the special Catalan traditions is ´Caga Tio¨ which is translated as the shitting log. Caga tio is a hollow log that Catalan children display in their house from 8th December. The children will cover the whole time with a red blanket to keep it warm. On Christmas Eve, The children will hit the Caga tio with a stick and sing songs till it starts ¨pooping¨ Presents.

Caga tio Barcelona 2015

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Ice Rink

During Chirstmas time, You can find various ice rinks through the city of Barcelona. The biggest and most populair one will be at the famous Placa Catalunya. This ice rink will have a surface of 1400 m2 and will be open from the 27st of November till the 10th of January. Ice rink Barcelona 2015

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Christmas food traditions

The Catalan celebration of christmas is not only different with caga tio. It also has an own tradition of food during the December month. A typical Christmas dish in Barcelona is “Escudella i carn d'olla”, This is a bowl of pasta shells in a meat and vegetable stew or soup. Stores and Bakeries in the city will also sell a special bread for Christmas which is called “El Pa de Nadal”.
Please note that not all the restaurants and shops will be open during Christmas time in the city.

Barcelona Christmas Shopping

Barcelona will give you the perfect opportunity to find your Christmas presents during your stay in the City. On Thursday 3rd December the ¨Barcelona Shopping Night¨will take place. During this night, the shops in the city will be open from 20.00 til 01:00 to give you the change to do your Christmas shopping during the evenening. There are various events during these evening such as live music and shows.

Barcelona Christmas Shopping
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Christmas Markets

There will be many different Christmas markets in Barcelona during the month of December. The biggest one of the city will take place at located at Avinguda de la Catedral and is called ira de Santa Llúcia. In this market, you will have enough chance to buy your Christmas presents. The market offers also a lot of traditional nativity scenes, as well as hand crafted jewelry. It is also the ideal place to gather some gift ideas and festive inspiration for your family and friends.

Christmas Market Barcelona 2015

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Barcelona Habitat Apartments December

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