Patti Smith – Horses & Hey Joe Concert. Palau de la Musica.Barcelona

Concierto de Patti Smith. Palau de la Musica.Barcelona

Patti Smith – Horses & Hey Joe Concert. Palau de la Musica. Barcelona. 21/02/2011

Patti Smith Concert. BarcelonaCome to Barcelona with Habitat Apartments and enjoy the Mil.lenni Festival. Coming soon Patti Smith Concer!

' Acoustic Trio' is the band which the singer and poet Patti Smith will attend the Festival of Mil · lenni. Patti Smith became to the fame in 1975 with their first album, 'Horses', who gave the punk movement a feminist and intellectual perspective. From 'Horses' to his latest book, 'Just Kids', Patti Smith has articulated its own vision of the world and has become one of the most influential artists in rock, which became a model for generations of 'rockeras' women. Her work has withstood well the passage of time and at their concerts shows he is more fit than ever, with a solid band that is well blended.


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