Barcelona as a winter getaway destination?

Barcelona in winter by Juan Mario Cuellar | flickr

The sunny Catalan capital and a very popular summer destination will most likely not be your first choice for a winter getaway. That’s quite a pity, I must say. As it's high time to start planning your winter vacation, keep reading and find out if Barcelona is actually a good idea when the winter hits Europe and if so, are there any cozy places to stay during the visit?

Winter, when Barcelona is truly at its’ best

Surprisingly enough, winter just might be the best time to visit sunny Barcelona. Even though it won’t be a full experience for those complete beach bums, everyone else will not miss out on anything. The fact that the weather is a bit colder means fewer tourists – attractions will not be so packed and the streets will be emptier. Unless you actually like squeezing through a crowd of people and searching for a spot to take a photo of that famous building without a load of people in front of it? No? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Blue skies over Sagrada Familia by Eric LC flickr e1542025349938 Barcelona as a winter getaway destination?
Blue skies over Sagrada Familia by Eric LC | flickr

Speaking about the weather, it is a bit chilly, but contrary to an unbelievably hot summer and quite rainy spring/autumn, winter with its’ dry days and blue skies (a nice change compared to the grey skies of other European cities) is a true relief. Listen up, culture fanatics – most of the exhibitions take place in the colder season, so there will be plenty to do even without sightseeing!

Coziness overload

Let’s be honest, if you are no longer a student feeling OK with spending the night in a bunk bed with other 20 people in the same room, comfortable accommodation is one of those basic needs for a perfect vacation. And if it’s cozy as well, the winter getaway is sure to be a success. A warm bed, fuzzy socks, a cup of cocoa (more likely a glass of wine) after a day of sightseeing and all sorts of activities… Did you also get the warm feeling inside of you just now? Take a look at these beauties and you sure will.

Bailén Attic
A cute studio type apartment with lots of character in the traditional Eixample neighbourhood. The wooden, earth tones decor, fireplace – coziness guaranteed. A large double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, dining table, a bathroom, and a terrace – the apartment is ideal for a couple’s winter getaway.

bailen attic apartment barcelona hearth e1542028586961 Barcelona as a winter getaway destination?
Living room in the Bailén Attic apartment

Lauria Avantgarde
Renovated just last year, this apartment screams of minimal style and combined with the pastel colors it creates a very elegant design. Accommodating up to 6 people, it will be a charming option for a group of friends.

lauria avant garde apartment barcelona living room 5 e1542028813608 Barcelona as a winter getaway destination?
Lauria Avantgarde living and dining area

Alaia Attic
A very cozy, compact loft apartment with a terrace for two. The white furniture, wooden details, and a red brick wall add to the overall vintage feel of the apartment. The double bedroom is separated from the living area, which is very convenient.

Alaia attic living room 2 1 e1542028886551 Barcelona as a winter getaway destination?
Kitchen and dining table in the Alaia Attic apartment

Alaia 21
A very traditional apartment with its’ balconies, high wooden beams in the ceiling, violet and lavender tones is another cozy option for your winter vacation. This huge apartment of 3 bedrooms is great for families.

Alaia 2 1 living room 5 e1542029017250 Barcelona as a winter getaway destination?
Living room in Alaia 21 apartment

All of these apartments are located in the Eixample area, which is very centric and very traditional. If you want to check out apartments in a different area or find an even cozier one than these (I dare you!), take a look at the full list of apartments in Barcelona. Not that it ever did, I hope, winter in Barcelona doesn’t sound bad anymore, right?

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