Barcelona’s district, this month: Barceloneta

Barceloneta district Barcelona

Barceloneta is located in a very unique area of Barceloneta. From above, it is a triangular district shaped by the Mediterranean Sea, Port Vell and El Born neighborhood. 


Barceloneta used to be the quarter for fishermen. Streets in Barceloneta are parallel and narrow as a consequence of military grid construction in the past to provide accommodation for former residents of a neighborhood that have lost their places for the city citadel. Nowadays, it becomes an alluring neighborhood for not only tourists but also locals with sandy beaches, glass towers, rugged old fishermen houses in contract and more. It is the district of nostalgia and promising future. 

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Domino game by Paco Martínez | flickr


Barceloneta district is picturesque, fresh and uproarious  – just the best spot for a promenade or cycling. Fulfilled itself with crowded and noisy bars, excellent restaurants with fresh ingredients straight from the sea. Locals in Barcelona love to dine out in a front beach restaurant, or grab a drink with some tapas and enjoy the sunset and the Mediterranean seaside. 

What to see?

Barceloneta has much to see than just San Sebastià Beach, Sant Miquel Beach, Barceloneta Beach or Somorrostro Beach.

Museum of the History of Catalonia – a warehouse transformed into a museum that displays the history of more than 3000 years of Catalan history. 

Catalonia History Museum e1528987872865 Barcelonas district, this month: Barceloneta
Catalonia History Museum

Charming, complex and daring Gas Natural Tower, completed in 2007.

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Gas Natural Tower by UGUB | flickr

Barcelona Zoo with over 400 different species, a top activity for kids.  

Barcelona Zoo e1528897101281 Barcelonas district, this month: Barceloneta
Barcelona Zoo by cpcmollet | flickr

Cable car tour from Sant Sebastia beach, you can take a cable car tour to reach the Montjuïc in about ten minutes, which is also the fastest way. Built in the 1930s, this historical red cabin promises to give you a priceless photogenic port view from 85 meter high.

Screen Shot 2018 06 13 at 16.38.36 e1528900916418 Barcelonas district, this month: Barceloneta
Cable Car by Tamás Uthy | flickr

Accommodation in Barceloneta 

Barceloneta apartment is located at 600m from the beach in the charming district of Barceloneta, near the city center, offers three bedrooms, a luminous living-room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The apartment is recommended for a group of friend or family, for six people. 

barceloneta apartment barcelona  living room 2 e1528903556740 Barcelonas district, this month: Barceloneta

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