Bathing Season in Barcelona

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If you are looking for a summer destination for swimming and watersports activity, Barcelona is the city you are looking for. Thanks to the coastline stretching about 4.5 km, the city offers a variety of clean and calm beaches with golden sands. Read until the end of the article for the overview of beaches in the city. 

Bathing season calendar 
The high swimming season in Barcelona is during the middle of May to the middle of September. While the temperature of seawater is around 20-degree Celsius during summer, it drops to around 12-degree Celsius during winter. 

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According to Barcelona City Council, the bathing season 2018 is: 

  • Mid-beach season (April 30 to May 25 & from September 17 to 30): First-aid and rescue facilities on Barcelona’s beaches are open to the public from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm.
  • High-beach season (from May 26 to September 16): Public opening times are from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm at all establishments.
  • Low season (the rest of the year): During this time, only the Integrated Beach-Management Plan’s offices and the Espigó del Gas, Somorrostro and Bogatell public lavatories are open.

Beach service
Services are listed as public toilets, kids area, sun loungers, changing room, beach umbrellas, facilities for water sports activities. No public lockers in the beach area are available. 
Note that through the year, basic services are accessible. Lifeguards are situated more during summer. 

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An information booth with flag warning | Info Viajera
Beach warning flag

  • Red flag: No bathing/Not safe to swim
  • Yellow flag: Swim with caution (due to strong wind/current)
  • Green flag: Safe to swim

How to get to the beaches
Barcelona has nine beaches stretching out the coastline and all of the beaches could be reach with Metro L4 line. There is usually a short walk on the seaside of 15 minutes to reach the beach from metro stations. 

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Barcelona Beach Map and Metro Line L4 | Sid's Travel Blog
Besides the metro, other options for transportation are buses and tram in various lines. Taking buses line from city center could directly lead you to Barcelona beaches. 

Best beaches in Barcelona
There is no such “the best beach” in Barcelona for you. It all depends on your interest and flavor. Beaches in the city are disabled accessed, daily maintained and has EU Blue Flag, which is a certificate of the standard of water and sand. 

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People play volleyball in Bogatell by Joan | Flickr
Here is the list of beaches in Barcelona and some keywords about the atmosphere.

  • Mar Bella: nudist beach, young people, windsurfing
  • Bogatell: close to the Olympic Port, Barceloneta district. 
  • Nova Mar Bella: volleyball court, promenade, quiet    
  • Nova Icária: family with children, quiet beach, volleyball courts
  • Barceloneta: foreign visitors, crowd, traditional
  • Sant Sebastià: sports clubs
  • Llevant: pet-friendly, kid playground 
  • Some other beaches: Sant Miquel, Somorrostro, Banys del Fòrum

Some notes for a happy summer season

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A lifeguard by Ben Molloy | Flickr

  • During summer when the seawater is warm, especially in July and August, be aware that you could see jellyfish in Barcelona beaches. Fortunately, jellyfish could usually be found about 50 meters from the sore. If you have an issue, just contact any lifeguard and expect a free service from these Red Cross-certificated lifeguards. 
  • Barcelona is a safe city but be aware of thieves and pickpockets at the beaches and any crowd such as metro. 
  • Do not sleep over on the beach as it could harm your skin with sunburn and increase the possibility of loss. 

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