District of the month: Gracia

Gracia district

Gràcia is a perfect place to experience the charm of the city without being overwhelmed by the hustle of La Rambla or Gothic Quarter. This northern part of Barcelona was once a small village with farms but in the 19th century, a lot of monasteries and high-class houses were built making Gràcia a new and urban living area that has everything you need. Explore the Gracia district and see what are the best spots there!

Park Güell

Park Güell is a beautiful public park made by Antonio Gaudi that is located on Carmel Hill in the upper part of the city. With a great view of Barcelona and a spectacular landscape of the park, Park Güell is listed as one of the UNESCO world sites and with more than four million visiting a year, it has become the most popular symbol of Gaudi's passion for nature.

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Park Güell | Pixabay

Casa Vicens
Casa Vicens was the first house designed by Antoni Gaudi for Mr. Manuel Vicens. Recognized as UNESCO world cultural heritage, it becomes a popular place and a museum, open for everyone who wants to see the great colors and design of this playful summer house.

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Casa Vicens

Gràcia district has in total 15 plazas and each of them has its own vibe. Here are the ones we like the most: 

Plaza Del Sol 
After the sunset, this square is full of nightly activities. Full of good bars and night-goers, this place is suitable for party people, who want to have a couple of afternoon beers or sangrias before going out. 

Plaza De La Virreina 
Plaza De La Virreina is Gràcia’s most famous plaza where you can relax and visit the beautiful Sant Joan Church. With plenty of open bars and cafes, this is the ideal place to have a drink or two and try some tapas.

Plaza Del Diamant
The popular square for the hanging out among the older generation of Gràcia district. This plaza is ideal for families with children who can spend time playing in the nearby playground.

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Plaza Del Sol | Plaza De La Virreina | Plaza Del Diamant

Restaurants and bars
Gracia has the highest concentration of foreign restaurants in Barcelona. There are many good dining and drinking places ranging from elegant to casual. 

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