How to book a Taxi in Barcelona?

Taxi by Juan Salmoral | flickr

Being in a foreign city, it can be sometimes hard to travel around. If you are not a big fan of public transport, the easiest way of going around the city is calling a taxi.

Taxi Juan Salmoral flickr How to book a Taxi in Barcelona?

Illustration 1 Taxi by Juan Salmoral | flickr

Hailing a cab in Barcelona is fairly easy, as there are plenty on the streets if you're in the city centre. But what will you do if you have an early flight back home or need to get to your apartment/hotel after a night out?

These are the following taxi stations that we recommend to you:


Taxi Barcelona: (English-speaker.)

ServiTaxi +34 933 300 300

Radio Taxi Barcelona +34 933 033 033

Taxi Van Bcn +34 687 839 84

Other options are taxi apps:

  • EasyTaxi:
    Ordering a cab has never been as easy as in this age. EasyTaxi is an app available for Android and IOS mobile users. Downloading the app, it will track the nearest taxi in your area. You can confirm/edit the location, choose your payment method and finally request the taxi.
    What makes the app so special is that it also allows you to communicate with your taxi driver beforehand, either via text message or call him/her directly.

    For more information and to download the app, click here.

  • Cabify:
    A similar app is Cabify. One small difference is that you can choose your vehicle, which are Cabify Lite, Electric, Executive, Group or Ecotaxi. Unfortunately you cannot communicate with your driver, but his/her profile will be visible for you. The website also advertises the personalization of your ride. You can choose your air temperature, the music, or if you want the door to be opened for you, as well as free water.

    For more information and to download the app, click here.

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