How to get to your Apartment?

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Public transportation in a new city is always nerve-wracking and confusing sometimes.

To ensure that you will arrive safely and without much effort at your apartment, we listed the three best options.

AerobusMikeBakerroosterflickr How to get to your Apartment?

Illustration 1 Aerobus by (MikeBaker)rooster | flickr

  1. Taxi ride:
    The easiest, but also the more expensive option is the taxi ride. Leaving the airport, you will be met with a line of taxi cabs. One ride from El Prat to the city centre (Plaça Catalunya) costs around 35€. Depending in which area your apartment is located, you can use this as a benchmark.
  2. Aerobus:
    Another option is taking the Aerobus. This bus will take you from El Prat to different bus stations in the city – Plaza Espanya, Gran Vía – Urgell, Plaza Universitat and finally Plaza Catalunya.
    One ticket costs 5.90 € and can be purchased directly in the bus, at one of the counters next to the airport bus stations or on their website.
    The timetables for buses from Airport T1 and T2 start at 05:35 and end around 01:05, buses come every 5-10 minutes.
    The buses are easily recognizable, since they are light/dark blue and have Aerobus written in a big, bold font.

    Click here, to go to their website.

  3. Metro:
    The other public transport would be the Metro. To get to Plaça Catalunya, one has to take the L9 (Zone universitat) until metro station Torrossa, changing line to L1 (Fondo) until arriving at Pl. Catalunya.
    One single ticket costs 2.15 €, but we recommend you to buy the T-10 ticket, which allows you 10 rides for only 10€.
    The whole ride will take you one hour until arrival in the city centre.


If you like to travel in style, Habitat Apartments offers a special pick-up service with luxurious vehicle.
Add this service for 69€ to your booking, an english speaking chauffeur will pick you up from the airport and drop you off safely at your apartment.

tranfer airport 1 How to get to your Apartment?

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