Live Jazz Scene in Barcelona

Live jazz scene in Barcelona

Being a city bursting with culture, Barcelona does have an ever-growing live music scene. Especially when it comes to jazz, as it is definitely the genre of a strong imprint in overall Catalan culture. The rich history of jazz was the perfect ground for many venues to open up and nourish the genre.
Visiting a live jazz gig should be in the must-do list when visiting Barcelona, so here, in no particular order, you will find an overview of some of the best live jazz spots in the city!


The club Jamboree is known to be one of the best jazz clubs in Spain overall. Located in Plaça Reial, Jamboree club attracts visitors not only with performances each evening but with a rich history as well – jazz legends such as Chet Baker and Bill Coleman once played here. The Jamboree club had and still has an impact on Barcelona’s jazz scene and is a popular choice among those, who are looking for a high-quality live jazz music in a likewise atmosphere.

Plaça Reial 17

Motis Chamorro Scott Hamilton. Photo by Júlia Lluch. e1541409958685 Live Jazz Scene in Barcelona
Motis, Chamorro & Scott Hamilton performing in Jamboree by Júlia Lluch

Big Bang Bar Barcelona

Situated in the famous El Raval neighbourhood, this jazz & blues club offers daily concerts in a cozy bohemian atmosphere. Even though the neighbourhood is better known for its´ downs than ups, it has a certain soul and uniqueness to it. The same can be said about the Big Bang Bar Barcelona, which definitely deserves your visit when exploring the jazz culture in the city.

Calle Botella 7

Jazz Jam Sessions in big bang bar barcelona by Oczajdusza e1541410104876 Live Jazz Scene in Barcelona
Jazz Jam Sessions in Big Bang Bar Barcelona by Oczajdusza

Harlem Jazz Club

Opened since 1987, Harlem Jazz Club is the oldest concert venue in Barcelona. Devoted to live music, the Harlem Jazz Club hosts national and international musicians of various styles, jazz and blues among them. Whatever the genre, you can always expect the highest of quality, inviting atmosphere and connection with the musician. Located in the heart of the old town, this legendary jazz club is worth a visit if you consider yourself a true jazz fan!

Carrer de la Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8

Performance in the Harlem Jazz Club e1541410146790 Live Jazz Scene in Barcelona
Performance in the Harlem Jazz Club


A very cozy, familiar and easy going place to grab a drink and enjoy live music – Jazzsí club. The club is well known to host music students and other emerging musicians, so you will be sure to experience some new and fresh shows. Apart from being the perfect platform for up-and-coming musicians, it is one of the few places in Barcelona offering daily live music. So if you are looking to indulge in a night filled with both unheard and well-known vibes and casual drinks, this is the club for you.

Requesens, 2

small jazzsiclub e1541410180819 Live Jazz Scene in Barcelona
Live jazz performance in JazzSi club

The jazz scene in Barcelona is obviously versatile and very lively. With so many bars and clubs to go to, the genre keeps thriving and your vacation in Barcelona is sure to be jazzy!

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hot jazz 11 apartment barcelona 8 e1541411183165 Live Jazz Scene in Barcelona
Living room in the Hot Jazz 11 apartment

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