September in Barcelona

Autumn is coming slowly and the heat and humidity of August move on to the cool temperatures of September. Make the most of this weather to discover and enjoy the impressive festivities reserved by Barcelona! 

La Mercé Festival (20th to 24th of September)
La Mercé Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Barcelona. It happens in honor of Our Lady of the Mercy (La Mercè), who became the patron saint of Barcelona in the 17th century. This event exists since 1902. Don’t be afraid of your holiday budget because all the activities are free and adapted for all the family! La Mercé Festival is the reflection of Catalan traditions as Castellers on the Plaça de Sant Jaume that are human towers whose goal is to make a child climb until the top. You will be able to see Correfocs as well, they are parades with fireworks and devil effigies. There will be one quieter for children and one for adults where you can receive sparkles sent by people disguised in devils and dragons around Via Laietana. Tips: you should wear covering clothes, glasses, and a hat to protect you from the fireworks sparkles. The last tradition you might witness is the Giants Parade around Plaça de Sant Jaume accompanied with groups of percussionists. This festival attracts thousands of people so be sure to arrive early at the celebrations to find a nice spot to watch the shows.

La Mercé Festival Picture courtesy of Runner Bean Tours e1566204460456 September in Barcelona
La Mercé Festival | Picture courtesy of Runner Bean Tours

Festa Major del Poblenou (6th to 15th September)
Located in Sant Marti district, Poblenou is an area where art has a place of honor and this festival reflects perfectly the spirit of this neighborhood. Before the Festa Major del Poblenou used to be celebrated during December but since 1872, it is celebrated during the first 15 days of September. There will be a lot of activities organized as music, dance, sport, painting, and fireworks on the Playa de Bogatell. You will be able to see traditions that will bring out the soul of this neighborhood. Poblenou promotes its folklore as pasacalles, madrugadas, Giants parades, or correfocs. During this festival, artisanal workshops will open their doors to the public. Even if this neighborhood is less frequented by tourists, we can assure you that this festival must be seen!

La Festa Del Poblenou Picture courtesy of Bitxo del Torrent Mitger e1566204525258 September in Barcelona
La Festa Major Del Poblenou | Picture courtesy of Bitxo del Torrent Mitger

Catalonia’s National Day: La Diada (11th September)
Let’s begin with a little bit of history: Catalonia’s National Day is a commemoration of the loss of Catalonia’s laws and Institutions after the Siege of Barcelona in 1714. It became a public holiday in Catalonia in 1886. Therefore, most shops are closed while restaurants and bars are open, but their opening hours might change. Called as well La Diada, Catalonia’s National Day became a Catalan national symbol in 1980. In the last few years, this day became a protest against Spain and a symbol of the drive of Independence. This event is an occasion to see several Catalan traditions and begins on the 10th of September with the March of Torches. You will be able to see demonstrations, concerts and information points about this day. Most of the festivities will take place in the Parc de la Ciutadella as Catalan music, speeches, or poetry. During this event, Catalan people sing with great enthusiasm the Catalan national anthem called Els Segadors (The Reapers). Independence rallies are organized so do not hope to drive in the city this day because the traffic is very disrupted.

La Diada Picture courtesy of El Pais e1566204591504 September in Barcelona
La Festa Major Del Poblenou | Picture courtesy of Bitxo del Torrent Mitger


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