The Best Outdoor Cinemas In Barcelona

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There are several ways to enjoy movies on a large screen, being inside a car, sitting on a chair, laying in a hot tub in a backyard party, etc. But have you ever think of enjoying a movie under a summer sky, on a beach, on a mountain or in a park? Yes, it is possible in Barcelona this summer 2018. 

Open-air cinema
Nowadays, open-air cinema, or outdoor cinema, is not an unusual definition for people. The first open-air cinema was about one century ago, during the 1910s in Germany. As the equipment to host an outdoor cinema is simple with a movie projector, a sound system, an inflatable/stage screen. Large empty walls and sometimes snow is utilized to exchange the movie screen. 

Sala Montjuïc

  • When: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from June 29 to August 3 at 8.30 PM
  • Where: Carretera de Montjuïc

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Sala Montjuic Festival
Sala Montjuic 2018 is the 16th edition of the open air film festival in the castle of Montjuïc. The latest movies such as The shape of water, Call me by your name, Manchester by the sea are screened in the original language with Spanish subtitle. The Guardian has rated this open-air cinema top of the top 10 open-air cinemas in Europe

Music concerts are performed by local bands on every movie night, before the show. Similarly to Cinema Lliure, the festival also offers a short film before the actual movies as an appetizer for audiences. Having the ticket of 6.5€ and you can seize the moment of summers with a unique experience, watching the movie under the dark sky on a hill with an amazing concert and a wonderful selection of movies from classic to Oscar nominees

Cinema Lliure 

  • When: June 28 – August 02
  • Where: Sant Sebastia beach

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People enjoying a movie in Cinema Lliure | Cinema Lliure
If you are just too lazy and tired to go to the mountain for a movie, then why not try an outdoor cinema just next to the beach? Lliure is a free-entrance movie event, held every Thursday, starting at 9 PM on the Sant Sebastia beach. This is one annual movie project since 2012, which runs during summer with a program of short films and movies in all tastes. Depending on the selection that movies will be in original languages, subtitled in Spanish or English

Coming to Cinema Lliure, you can watch the sunset under a pinky sky with the sound of surfing waves and if you do not like the movie, just walking out anytime to the seaside. There is no chair prepared so if you would like not to lay down on the sands, just bring a blanket or a camping chair. Foods and drinks are welcome. For more information on the program, please visit the official website of Cinema Lliure

Mecal Air

  • When: Every Friday throughout July and August
  • Where: Jardines Elisava, next to the DHUB, Museum of Design

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Air 2018 illustration | Mecal Air
After ten years of organization this open-air event, Mecal Air this year is organized in Museums of Design and free entrance. Throughout July and August, movies are played in all genres, from animation, sci-fi, documentary, indie, horror to comedy. For more information, please visit here

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