February in Barcelona

Carnival in Barcelona

February is the last month during winter, and everyone is anticipating spring. Let's have a look, what Barcelona has up its sleeve for the end of winter!

Santa Eulàlia Festivities

Santa Eulalia Festival Alexandra Guerson flickr February in Barcelona

Illustration 1 Santa Eulalia Festival by Alexandra Guerson | flickr

The Santa Eulàlia festivities, also known as La Laia or Barcelona's winter festivity, takes place between 10th to the 12th of February, and is very popular among children.

This festival pays homage to Saint Eulàlia, a 13 year old girl who fought against the Roman Empire and who became a symbol of solidarity and the defence of justice. The myth says, that Roman Emperor Diocles ordered a persecution of all Christians in Spain. Many fled and hid away, while Eulàlia stood up and fought against the injustice, which cost her life.

During this festival, one can expect various performances, such as procession of Laies, the Santa Eulàlia parade, human towers in the diada castellera, sardana dancing, and a fire run involving fire beasts and devils both large and small.

Santa Eulàlia festivities take place all around Barri Gòtic, from Plaça Sant Jaume to Pla de la Seu and many more locations.

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El Carnival

CarnavalinBarcelonaBasBoermanflickr February in Barcelona

Illustration 2 Carnaval in Barcelona by Bas Boerman | flickr

Barcelona's carnival is a moveable festival, which depends on the lunar calendar. It usually takes place in February or March. This year, you can enjoy this festivity between 8th of February until the 14th of February, 2018 

The Carnival, or Carnaval in Catalan, begins with a big feast day on Thursday, commonly known as Dijous Gras in Catalan. Normally Friday marks the arrival of the Carnival King (Rei Carnestoltes), but in Barcelona the festivities start on Saturday with the Carnival King's speech about all the main events during the year, and a call for everyone to come together and enjoy unrestrained fun.

On Saturday, one can enjoy parades all over the city (in the neighbourhoods).

Sunday afternoon/evening the taronjada (orange fight) and the big sarau (masked ball) take place. Especially in El Born/La Ribera, one can experience a big colourful battle of orange balloons and confetti at the end of the parade.

On Ash Wednesday, this madness comes to end with the burial of sardines and the death of the Carnival King. During this day, locals traditionally eat fish.

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Sâlmon dance festival

salmon festival February in Barcelona

Illustration 3 Salmon Dance Festival

Sàlmon, a dance festival, is organised by El Graner and Mercat de les Flors. Its 6th edition will take place between 8th and 25th of February.

It is known for its risk-taking, innovative, and radical performances, working with local and international artists, performers, and creators.

Sàlmon Dance Festival aims to be a platform, where people can bring together their imaginary worlds, ideas, desires, and experiences.

This year, you can see performances by Amalia Fernández, Ana Borralho i Joao Galante, Associació Blink Flash, Javier Vaquero i Streetjizz, and many more.

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Mobile World Congress

Barcelona is hosting this year's Mobile World Congress from the 26th of February to 1st of March, 2018, at La Fira.

Over 2.300 exhibitors will be attending this event, and showcasing the newest technologies and most innovative products currently available. The event is divided in different pavilions and zones, in which each have a different specialisation.

These are the following sections:

  • App Planet Exhibition: More than 200 app-specific exhibitors
  • Country Pavilions: Services and solutions from more than 30 countries around the world
  • Graphene Pavilion: Demonstrating how this transformative material impacts the mobile industry
  • GSMA Innovation City: See how mobile-connected products will enrich our living and working environment in cities across the world
  • GSMA Pavilion: Hosting GSMA's many programmes and initiatives, including Mobile Commerce, Connected Living, Mobile for Development, and more
  • Internet of Things Zone: Featured in the NEXTech Hall 8.0, witness how future technology will communicate with each other
  • NEXTech Hall 8.0: VR/AR, robotics, drones, and artificial intelligence will all feature in the NEXTech Hall 8.0 – See the latest cutting-edge technology of the future at NEXTech!
  • Wearables Pavilion: See the latest and greatest fun – sometimes life-saving  – wearable devices in the market

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