January in Barcelona

January in Barcelona

New year, new travel destinations. Barcelona is worth visiting all year round. These are the biggest events in January in Barcelona.

Cavalcada dels Reis

cavacalda de reis January in Barcelona

Illustration 1 Cavacalda dels Reis

On the 5th of January, Spanish people celebrate Cavalcada de Reis, resembling a second Christmas or rather the end of the Christmas season. Tradition says that the Three Kings came to visit baby Jesus, and brought gifts with them. On their return journey, they handed out their gifts to children.

Nowadays it is a traditional parade in all Spanish cities. In Barcelona, the festivity starts with a welcome of the mayor. A dozen floats are marching through the city, throwing out candies to the crowd. This year's event will be bigger than ever, showcasing many performances, such as choreographed dances. The festival starts at 6pm in Av. Marquès de l'Argentera (next to Parc de Ciutadella) and ends at 8:45 pm in Av. Reina Maria Cristina (near Plaça Espanya).

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Festa dels Tres Tombs

Festa dels Tres Tombs Lourdes Muñoz Santamaria flickr January in Barcelona

Illustration 2 Festa dels Tres Tombs by Lourdes Muñoz Santamaria | flickr

On 17th of January is St. Anthony's day, which also marks the beginning of la Festa dels Tres Tombs. The festival will take place in Sant Antoni, and it celebrates St. Anthony, who was a patron saint of animals.

Nowadays, it is still custom to bring your pets to the church to be blessed. Afterwards, one can see horses pulling carriages through the streets in Sant Antoni and Sant Andreu district. Horsemen will ride three circuits in total (tres tombs), during which candies will be thrown into the crowds.

The festival features family activities, a lof of live music, as well as gastronomic tastings. It takes place the whole week long.

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Sa pobla a Gràcia

12149965823 19d625d77d k e1534232630846 January in Barcelona

Illustration 3 Sa pobla a Gracia by Ot Brun flickr

Imported from Mallorca, the Sant Antoni bonfire festival will be held in Gràcia. The festival displays popular cultural activities from Mallorca, such as groups of big-headed figures, pipers, human-tower builders and firework-toting devils.

The festival lasts three days long, starting on the last Thursday of January till Saturday.

On Thursday, one can taste typical food from the island and sing along to Majorcan folk songs. Friday will show some dance performances and concerts. The festival ends on Saturday with a big cercavila and correfoc – musical procession and "fire run".

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080 Barcelona Fashion

080 Barcelona Fashion Moritz Barcelona flickr January in Barcelona

Illustration 4 080 Barcelona Fashion by Moritz Barcelona | flickr

This event can be described as Barcelona's fashion week. It's the 15th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. The bi-annual event promotes the local fashion industry. Next to catwalk shows, one can also enjoy talks and discussions on the sector, as well as pop-up stores, DJ sessions, photo competitions, and even some stands from the local design schools.

The event takes place between 29th of January and 2nd of February.

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