Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona – A park for all

Tibidabo by Trey Ratcliff | flickr

Located on the top of Collserola range, Mount Tibidabo deserves to be one of the best amusement parks while having one of the oldest amusement parks in the world with more than 100 years old. From here, visitors can find more than 30 attractions, which are designed for everyone, from kids to the adults. 

Tibidabo Amusement Park
Tibidabo is divided into two separate parts, one is the main amusement park with entrance fee and the Sky Walk area. While the amusement seems more interesting for children and the young, the Sky Walk is for anyone that is interested in panoramic amazing of Barcelona and ready to take the adventure. 

Amusement Park offers 25 rides and attractions, including the Plane, the new roller coaster, the Plaça dels Somnis, or Plaza of Dreams, the gold mine and so on. There are also cafes, play areas, panoramic restaurants and live entertainments along the old favorite rides and the new and renovated one.

Sky Walk area
In the Sky Walk area, visitors may take the traditional Ferris wheel Talaia to feel like living in the sky for a while with the height more than 550 meters above the sea level. While being in the “slow-moving mental arm”, you are free to take as many as amazing photo of Gaudi’s city from above – an extraordinary and masterpiece with lots of attractions within a frame. 

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Illustration 1 Talaia and Tibidabo Amusement Park by SBA73 | flickr

Avio is another ride that offers you the best view of Barcelona while you are sitting in a small red airplane, slowly and horizontally rotating. Both rides are classic and are open for visitors since 1920s.  

The Sagrat Cor Church
Being considered as the most notable net-gothic building of the city, Sagrat Cor Church (means Church of the Sacred Heart) holds a long story with 59 years of construction. Getting inside the church, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Romanesque and Modernism in the decoration of the crypt. 

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Illustration 2 The Sagrat Cor Church by Josep Maria | flickr

Walking and hiking

If you want to get in shape and try to get to the top on your own, there are also hiking path. From Park Guell, there is a trip of total 4km with 400 meters gain elevation, including 2 km in urban areas and 2 km in through the forest. Be aware of traffic roads as well as shortcut options. You may prefer to challenge yourself with GPS only or with some other people by joining a hiking tour.

Cosmocaixa Museum (Science Museum)
If you plan to travel with kids, Cosmocaixa (Science Museum) is definitely worth to go. The Science Museum is located close to Avinguda del Tibidabo. The range of the museum is giant with different topics, from ancient humans to an indoor jungle with animals or making sandstorms and waves. There are also some other children-friendly activities but only in Spanish and Catalan. Be ready to enjoy and discover the museum with nature, technology and science here in Cosmocaixa.

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Illustration 3 Rainforest in Cosmocaixa by Sebastian Niedlich | flickr

How to get to Tibidabo?

  • Metro L7 or various bus line to via Avinguda del Tibidabo. From here, you can take Tramvia Blau (a blue old style tram) and a funicular after that. OR
  • Bus T2A from Plaça Catalunya or metro L3/L5/ bus H4 and bus T2B. 

For more details about price, attractions and means to get the park, please visit the official site of Tibidabo.

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