Top must-eat foods in Barcelona

Every country in the world is known for its unique and special dishes. The travelers always want to try the traditional and typical cuisine of the countries that they visit. Spain is a dream destination for foodies and has various plates from region to region, so if you are planning to visit Barcelona, the capital city of the Catalan region community, there are a lot of amazing must-eat foods to taste and experienced. Here are some dishes that can not be missed during your time in Barcelona.
One of the country´s most famous dishes is tapas. These are small appetizers and usually, are not served as a main meal but like a snack for the beer or light meal, it depends on how many you order. There are many tapas restaurants all around the city with a lot of different tapas to choose from, Montesquiu Restaurant it will be an ideal choice to taste tapas with friends or family.

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Tapas | picture courtesy of guiajando

Patatas Bravas
Patatas Bravas is the most popular tapas dish and they can be served in a variety of ways. They are fried potatoes with a tomato sauce and garlic mayonnaise, maybe it looks something so basic and simple but when you taste it, you will wondering how can taste this excellent.

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Patatas bravas | picture courtesy of pinterest

Esqueixada is the most authentic Catalan salad that you can taste, is made with “bacalao” ( raw salted cod) and is served with romesco sauce, (a traditional Catalan salsa made with hazelnuts, almonds, and red peppers), tomatoes, onions, red wine, vinegar, and black olives.

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Esqueixada salad | picture courtesy of pinterest

The perfect regional dessert is mató, is a fresh cheese of Catalonia that is made from cows or goats milk, it does not have salt and usually is served with honey known as Mel I Mató. You will definitely be going to love this combination. 

Mel i mato picture courtesy of barcelona autrement e1574257243334 Top must eat foods in Barcelona
Mel i Mató | picture courtesy of Barcelona – Autrement

Crema Catalana 
Crema Catalana or crema cremada (“Burnt cream”) is one delicious dessert which we can say that is similar to a French crème brûlée but the first known recipe appears in the Catalan cookbooks, the first of these was published three centuries before recipes for the French crème brûlée. The main ingredients are eggs and milk and it is flavoured with cinnamon and lemon peel. It is finished with a crust of caramelized sugar.

Crema Catalana picture courtesy of Spanish Sabores e1574261781257 Top must eat foods in Barcelona
Crema Catalana | picture courtesy of Spanish Sabores


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