Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Barcelona has three main Christmas Markets all around the city. Let's have a look at them.

Fira de Santa Llúcia

Fira de Santa Llucia Emi Yañez flickr Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Illustration 1 Fira de Santa Llucia by Emi Yañez | flickr


Dating back to 1786, the traditional Christmas Fair has expanded up to over 300 stalls, selling all kinds of Christmas related things. The Christmas Market is originally located at Avinguda de la Catedral and takes place from 24th of November until 23rd of December. Visitors can find different stands selling decorations, Christmas trees, nativity figures and gifts of all kinds.

During this period one can also enjoy other traditional Christmas entertainment, such as the giant tío log, the Carassa de Nadal parade, and traditional dance/musical performances.

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Fira de Nadal Market

Another, though smaller Christmas Market, is the one at Sagrada Familia. The Christmas Fair has been around since the 1969s. In fact, the Fira de Nadal is an extension to the Christmas Market at Barcelona Cathedral, when there was no more space left.

With around 100 stalls, you can buy handcrafted products related to Christmas. What makes it so outstanding is its perfect location right next to the basilica Sagrada Familia.


This market is open from 1st of December until 23rd of December.

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Fira de Reyes Gran Vía

Fira de Reyes Gran Vía, also called "Sant Tomàs i Reis", is known for its specialisation on gifts, toys, and sweets. This Christmas market started out in 1877 with only 18 stands. It originally specialises itself on gifts and toys. But with the time it grew up to 300 stands, and also sells nowadays clothings, accessories, jewelry, and decorative items. Another important characteristics are the many xurro (spanish: churro) stands. Churros are sweet fried-dough pastries, which are usually either coated with sugar and cinnamon, or chocolate.

This Christmas Market starts on 19th of December and ends on 6th of January.

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