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Apr 17 2012

Antica Vineria

Posted by at 10:41 on Bars,Rome

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I go on reading The Guardian classification of top ten places in Rome: it's fun to compare my mental list with the british newspaper's one or trying to rearrange it.

Some places are absolutely the same, cornerstones of any classification. Others would indeed be discussed!
Anyway I have to thank this special list because of a place I loved when I was there and I would surely (and unforgivably) forgotten.


I am talking about Antica Vineria, in Campo de' Fiori area, a wine bar (or a wine shop?) whit a special traditional atmosphere and a quiete ambience. Centrally located but so far from the trendy style of many bars.

In Antica Vineria you will find a spigot in the wall spilling wine and clients enjoying their glasses sitting on the bar. It's a bar to go in the noon, before dinner, even because it closes early. It is frequented above all by Romans and owners are expert and keen on wine.

The perfect place where enjoying good Italian wines, for reasonable prices, and discover a non touristic corner in the heart of Rome.


And now let's see The Guardian review:
"This austere but quietly funky centro storico bottleshop is far more in with the local in-crowd than anywhere in nearby Campo de' Fiori – a beautiful piazza that has sold its soul to all-you-can-drink happy hour dives pitched at visiting US students. Old guys stopping in for their daily tipple of draught Frascati rub shoulders with the architects, designers and fashionistas who have moved in to this chi-chi neighbourhood, and who might opt instead for a glass of Sauvignon from Alto Adige, or Sicilian Nero d'Avola. Punters tend to spill out into the cobbled street as there's nowhere much to sit inside except perhaps for a couple of wine cases that haven't been unpacked yet, and little except some rudimentary bar nibbles to encourage grazing. This place takes you back to what neighbourhood Roman wine bars used to be – essentially wine-oriented off-licences, where you might stop off for a glass while deciding which bottle to take to dinner that evening. Barmen-owners Marco and Giancarlo are a good source of wine advice, though it helps if you know your Sangiovese from your Nebbiolo."

Antica Vineria – Via Monte della Farina 37, +39 06 688 06989.
Open Mon-Sat 10.30am-3pm, 6.30-10.30pm

Rome Apartments
Rome Campo de' Fiori

credits: http://romatuttigg.blogspot.com.es/2010/11/monte-della-farina.html


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