Madrid Pick of the week 5-11 July 2010

Ausstellung La subversión de las imagenes in Madrid

La Barriga Llena (Mexican restaurant, Libertad 31)
This restaurant is oriented in the Mexican cuisine in the popular neighbourhood la Chueca, where a very recreative ambience can be found. The rich selection of dishes and margaritas surrounded by salt and chili are excellent. Inside, the careful decoration is highlighted by a car built into a wall.

The subversion of images (Funcadión Mapfre Vida – until 12 September 2010)
Over 400 pieces, concerning photography, documents and short performances, compose this wide varied exhibition about the surrealistic movement developed in the 1920s and 30s. The display, shown in the Recolotes-area, invites you to look at the use of manipulation of images that carry out a new way of looking at life. 

Luis Ojos de Brujo in concert – a fusion of styles (Escenario Puerta del Angel – Calle de la Herradura s/n)
la subversion de las imagenes full exposicion 150x150 Madrid Pick of the week 5 11 July 2010Meeting point in Madrid for flamenco, funk, hip-hop or reggae, the music of Ojos de Brujo together with the strength of a cajón, bass, rhythm of the guitar, color of Latin percussion to convey a freshness unusual in this type of training. It transforms the audience and invites you to a big party. These musicians from very different backgrounds have found their magic potion in particular by combining these many different musical styles.

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