This week Habitat apartments recommend : Abbey Road show in Barcelona

The most emblematic tribute band presents their new show :”The Beatle Show”, a review of all the Beatles’ discography. Abbey Road has become the most important Beatles tribute band in the Spanish scene, with a repetoire that until now included the biggest hits of the British band from 1962-1966, and has recently expanded to include the second period, until 1970.

The venue Bikini in Barcelona will receive the presentation of the new “Beatle Show” from Abbey Road, of Barcelona. During the show there will be wardrobe changes following the original pattern of the artists’ careers. The musical trajectory of Abbey Road can claim more than 1,500 concerts across four continents.

The musical instruments used by Abbey Road are the same used by the Liverpool quartet from 1962-1970, from Vox amplifiers, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Fender Stratocaster, and Gibson Casino guitars, Hofner and Rickerbacker basses, and Ludwig drums. An Abbey Road concert is like a tunnel to another dimension, submerging oneself in the music of the sixties. With an impeccable sound and many kilometers behind them, prepare to be taken back in time with Abbey Road.

Place : Av. Diagonal, 547 Sala Bikini

Price : 15 euros

Date : Saturday 21st January

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