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Literally translated as the flying grape, L'Acino che Vola Enoteca in Rome is really worth a visit if you love wines, italian food and healthy products.

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Lovely space that also opens the door to culture with many proposal: here you will find live music shows, theatrical improvisations, readings and presentations of books, a private heated outdoor area for smoking customers and also a WI-FI zone.
The program also includes a wide variety of courses ranging from the current approach to wine, cooking courses, etc.

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Most of all, here, you will enjoy wines made from Italian winemakers and grape regional varieties, predominantly in an organic system. And also organic honey, extra jam, cakes, pastries and high quality chocolate.

The kitchen offers two diary menus, based on ingredients and traditions from Italy, partly revised in creative ways:
1. cuocchetto menu that daily changes
2. a la carte menu featuring classic regional dishes

The cuisine does not use MSG nor flavor enhancers or synthetic flavorings.

When drinking is a not only a pleasure, but also a dicover and a choice of high level quality. Cin Cin!

L'Acino che vola
Via Gaetano Rappini 23c
00149 Rome
Phone (+39) 06-55.777.09

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