Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam

albertcuyp Albert Cuyp market in AmsterdamThe Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam is the most famous market in Amsterdam.
The market is over 100 years old and is the most talked about and popular market in Amsterdam. In the market you will find over 260 stalls and also you can enjoy the typical Amsterdam atmosphere. In the market you really can buy anything like: hats, jewelry, food, shoes, flowers etc. Just anything! you search it and you´ll find it in the famous market of Amsterdam.
The fame and reputation of the market thanks partly to the visit of many famous writers, students and immigrants, many of them are located in the popular neighborhood "The Pipe". There is also many exotic products you can buy like: roti, passion fruit, cassava, sweet potatoes, fresh ginger, fry bananas etc. So it´s very multicultural! The pipe contains Surinamese, Hindus, Africans, Chinese, Moroccan, Turkish nationalities and many more nationality to tell.. All brought their own culture and religion with it and live in a mixture of eating, sleep and buying habits. Just multicultural, that's Amsterdam, that's the Albert Cuyp. The Albert Cuyp is just perfect to spend the day with friends or family and perfect for a day out in Amsterdam. Just browse among the stalls, eat a tasty sandwich or just buy a gift for a loved one as a souvenir. See you at the Albert Cuyp market!
Adress:  Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oud – Zuid Albert Cuyp markt 1073 BG Amsterdam

Hours: Monthday – Saturday 09:00 – 18:00


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