Amsterdam from another perspective

10 interesting facts about Amsterdam

eye amsterdam  Amsterdam from another perspective

1. One of the most paradox things of Amsterdam is the fact that there are more than one million bikes in Amsterdam although there are just 800.000 habitants in the city.
That means that the tourists who are coming to visit the city are mostly also riding bikes during their stay.
So enjoy a bike-friendly city.

2. The Schiphol Airport is actually 4 meters below the sea level.

3. The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe and they are ranked as the second tallest in the world.

4. There are 1150 different restaurants in Amsterdam.

5. 180 different nationalities are home in Amsterdam.

6. 48 365 is the number of hotel beds in Amsterdam.

7. If global warming causes the sea levels to rise even a little, it could be a "good bye" for Amsterdam as it will be one of the first cities to get flooded, because it’s actually well below sea level.

8. While Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands, the Dutch government and parliament are located in The Hague.

9. Just like Tel Aviv in Israel, Amsterdam's nickname is 'Mokum', which is the Hebrew word for "place" or "city".
This is due to the traditionally large Jewish population of Amsterdam, which was decimated during the Second World War.

10. Amsterdam has 40 parks.

Another interesting fact about Amsterdam is that habitatapartments has beautiful apartments in this city.


urban park studio 2 amsterdam hall a b  Amsterdam from another perspective

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