Amsterdam, the Venice of the north. Discover it with us!!!

Amsterdam la Venecia del Norte

Amsterdam, the Venice of the north. Discover it with us!!!

amsterdam 01 sp 2010 04 21 Amsterdam, the Venice of the north. Discover it with us!!!Amsterdam is a magical city boasting an extensive canal network with numerous bridges with architecture from the 16th and 17th centuries.
The historical centre of the city was built mostly in the 17th century, and is today one of the largest historical centres in Europe. During that era a series of semicircular canals were created around the old town which still exists today. After this buildings and houses were built in a typical Dutch style which has become one of the most famous images of Amsterdam and Holland. Amsterdam is familiarly known 'Venice of the north'. However Amsterdam is much more than just this and Habitat apartments wants to show you a small part of what you can see in this romantic city. Here are some suggestions:
Rijksmuseum: A spectacular building housing beautiful pieces of historical art work from Dutch history and includes a collection of paintings from the 17th century. It also goes without saying that the Van Gogh Museum is also a must-see. And, of course you must take a stroll along the canal walk ways which, since 2010, are considered a Monument of human heritage. Also take a walk around these interesting areas: Dam Sqaure, Pijp Sqaure, Plantage, Jordaan, ...
For these reasons we recommend you apartments in Amsterdam , all of which are located in central Amsterdam so you can visit the city with ease.


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