Amsterdam’s Museum Night 2013

Museum festival night in November

Amsterdam museumnacht3 Amsterdam’s Museum Night 2013  amsterdam museumnacht 300x146 Amsterdam’s Museum Night 2013


For ten years now, Amsterdam’s museums open their doors in one special night in November with a lot to discover – It's called Museumnacht. This time it takes place at the 2nd of November (Saturday) from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. There is a Museum Night program available, which guides you through the night.

Most museums are not only open, but even offer entertainment like music and dancing.
Each one tries to be brilliant with unexpected activities and attractions. In total 42 museums are part of this event.  Even other cultural institutions participate.

For those of you, who still want more entertainment after 2 p.m., the clubs in Amsterdam organize certain after parties, which can be attended after visiting the museums.

You cannot buy tickets within the museum. They are available in the following offices:

         • AUB Ticket shop, Leidseplein 26,

         • Tourist information office: VVV, Stationsplein 10

In the presale, you will get a pass for 14€, with which you can visit all museums as well as the after parties. At the evening itself the tickets cost 17,50€.

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