April 2016 is the start of the Spring season in Barcelona. We have already listed some opportunities to enjoy the sun in this Beautiful city

Real Madrid 2016 Champions League

April is the month of the world famous El classico. 
Barcelona vs Real Madrid is the biggest game in european club football also known as El Classico and both teams meet each other every season atleast twice in the league and their are possible encounters in cup games as well. The first game between these famous rivals was played on 13th May 1902. The first game was won with 3-1 by Fc Barcelona.

Fc Barcelona – Real Madrid 04/02/2016 
Fc Barcelona – Atletico Madrid 04/05/2016
FC Barcelona – Valencia CF 04/09/2016
Fc Barcelona – Valencia FC 04/17/2016
FC Barcelona – Sporting de Gijón 04/24/2016

Real Madrid 2015 Champions League

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi festival could be seen as the catalan version of valentines day. During this day bookstalls and book markets pop up all over Barcelona on Sant Jordis day with the highest number being on Las Ramblas and Rambla de Catalunya. At the end of the event roughly four million roses and 800,000 books will have been purchased. Most women carry a rose of various colors in one hand, and half of the total yearly book sales in Catalonia take place on this occasion.


Sant Jordi´s day is not an official public holiday in Catalunya so everything is open as normal but people treat it as a day of fun and fiesta. Although book stalls and roses can be found all over the city we have listed the areas which are the most popular. Be aware though that these areas get very crowded so if that’s not what you are looking for then head slightly out of the central areas.


To add to the tradition and sentiment of the event it has now become customary to give roses of different colors to signify and symbolize different meanings. Below are the symbolic meanings of the colors – but of course if you like a particular color then you can just ignore the symbolic meanings!

Sant Jordi

Red rose – usually given to lovers because it symbolizes passion and love.

Blue rose – usually given to friends since they symbolize trust. It is said that if you give blue roses to someone who is anxious, it will help that person to feel more calm.

Pink roses – usually given to show gratitude for an important favour, or simply for that persons affection. .

Purple roses – symbolize nobility, femininity and seduction,

White roses – symbolize purity and innocence, and are often given to express someone the desire of having a deep long relationship

Yellow roses – these are less common, but are also seen. They symbolize joy and happiness, thus they are usually given to teenagers and also in celebrations.


The Palo Alto Market

The Palo alto market takes place every first weekend of the month. The market in April will be on the 2th and the 3rd ( Saturday and Sunday) in the area ¨Poblenou¨ 

The market offers a big variety in food to go, which is sold from nice vintage food trucks. It also offers live music and many different workshops and clothing shops. 

Palo altro Barcelona 2016

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Vista Habitat Apartments 2016

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