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Since Rome is so famous all over the planet, everybody should visit at least once the eternal city. If your trip leads you to Italy’s beautiful capital in the month of April, we are happy to offer some help planning your holidays. For a perfect Rome experience keep reading through our four chosen event tips.
Rome’s Birthday: Bake some cake and buy flowers: Rome’s Birthday is just around the corner. For Romans April 21st is not just any day, but the anniversary of the foundation of their notorious city and therefore very special. Rome’s history goes back to the ancient year of 753 BC when Romulus started building the town that was intended to become one of the world’s biggest metropolises. Even though Rome may already be pretty old, this city still knows how to throw a proper party! During the “Natale di Roma” streets are full of amazing events such as costume parties, shows and parades. It has also become a beloved tradition to organize a colorful firework, which brightens up the Tiber. Everybody who plans on visiting Rome around this special date should be aware of the fact that it is highly recommended to book a hotel room early, since the city will be even more crowded than it is anyway. A great bonus for tourists is that a lot of museums and other cultural institutions are open for free on April 21st. Happy birthday, dear Rome!

rome birthday April in Rome
Ernestine Repsch – Light Inside: Everybody loving art should take the advantage and visit a great exhibition while spending time in Rome in April. Ernestine Repsch happens to hold an installation called “Light Inside” taking place in the Galleria Tondinelli. Until April 18th people can daily enjoy her work – live and for free! Her delicate pieces contain sculptures, installations and paintings, which prove what a widely ranged artist Repsch is and make her presentation truly manifold. The German artist’s work can be described as very spiritual and unusual, since her superior aim is to transport structures of the human existence such as adventure and ambiguity. Especially lovers of abstract arts should not miss out on this – find more information following this link.  

rome ernestine repsch April in Rome
Liberation Day: For Romans, April is really packed with important anniversaries. Besides Rome’s birthday inhabitants can also take advantage of celebrating the Liberation Day. April 25th is one of Italy’s most important days in history since it marks the end of the Nazi occupation and Benito Mussolini’s rule in 1945 after World War II. It is a national holiday and residents therefore have the day off – so especially Rome could be even more packed with crowds of tourists AND locals populating the streets. Of course this day is just as sparkly as Rome’s birthday celebrations and provides different events and festivals as well which should be joined in if in town. For everybody who is willing to travel a little outside of Rome: plan a day-trip to the small town called Bomarzo to experience its nationwide famous procession. It is said to be one of the most beautiful Liberation Day parades of the whole country of Italy.

rome liberation day April in Rome
International Tiber Canoe Descent: In the beginning we really want to point out that the following event might only be satisfying for sporty people, who additionally have a lot of love for the element of water. If you feel concerned by these characteristics, the International Tiber Canoe Descent could be the perfect choice of action for you. This journey is a 7-day boat trip driving the Tiber from Città di Castello to Rome. From April 25th to May 1st participants can work on their biceps since it basically means one week of constant paddling to cover a distance of 20 to 30 km each day. As we already said earlier: fitness is definitely required! Find more information regarding registration and rules by following this link.

rome canoe April in Rome

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