April in Venice


Like many other Mediterranean metropolises, Venice is an all-time-favorite destination to travel to in order to enjoy the arrival of spring. If the city of canals might be your chosen place to go to, discover what special events the city hosts in the upcoming month of April.
St. Mark’s Day: Like it is in the whole country of Italy Venice is packed with traditional activities in April. In this matter, great importance is especially attached to April 25th, since this is the day people worship St. Mark, Venice’s patron saint. The city usually honors the St. Mark's Day with commemorations at the St. Mark’s Basilica and festivities at St. Mark’s Square. Following the example of St. Mark himself it has become a lovely tradition that men give a single rosebud to their beloved lady. In addition, April 25th marks Italy’s Liberation Day, which is a national holiday and celebrated across the whole country. Now these are two great reasons to party, aren’t they?

venice saint mark April in Venice
Venice International Boat Show: Honestly, what more suitable place could there be to host nautical themed events than Venice, the city built on water? Therefore the “Venice International Boat Show” is just the perfect fit for the metropolis in Italy’s North. Taking place from April 4th to 6th and 11th to 13th at the San Guiliano Park this fair already goes into its 13th edition in 2014. Basically everybody interested in boats of all kinds will be highly entertained – regardless which intentions anyone might have. Simple visitors can enjoy the atmosphere and the beauty of all different kinds of boats, shopaholics can indeed take the advantage of test-cruising in the amazing lagoon of Venice – and actually buy brand-new boats. Tickets can be easily bought at the daily box office and cost no more than 7,50€ for adults.

venice boat show April in Venice
Easter: Yes, we know, Easter is no exclusivity only Venice has to offer, but nevertheless the city provides some great possibilities to celebrate this Christian holiday. Since in most years Venice is not as crowded at the time of Easter than it is at high season, visitors can still enjoy a nice, quiet familiar feast with the great bonus of celebrating it one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. Of course especially on Easter Sunday there are a lot of Easter services in churches across the whole city, but especially recommended can truly be the one hold in Saint Mark’s Basilica. Since it probably is the most popular one in Venice, the chapel usually is very crowded with both locals and a lot of tourist – but that doesn’t mean it is not worth standing in line for a while to get in. The flair of that overwhelmingly beautiful basilica definitely compensates the masses.

venice easter April in Venice

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