April in Rome – Come Celebrate Rome´s Birthday!

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This April in Rome celebrates the creation, culture, and liberation of the beautiful city of rome so come along and take a visit to Rome! There is plenty to do! We have compiled you a list of the diferent things going on in Rome. 

Cirque Eloize April in Rome   Come Celebrate Rome´s Birthday!
Cirque-Eloize by (André Galant)

April 21 – The Founding of Rome (Rome's Birthday). The celebration of Rome's birthday is typically held the weekend that falls closest to April 21. Rome is said to have been founded by the twins Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. Special events, including concerts, a parade, and historical re-enactments are held at the Circus Maximus, the large field where chariot races were once held. Fireworks and gladiatorial displays at the Colosseum are also part of the festivities.

The performance of the Cirque Éloize not only bring to the stage this new way of thinking about the circus, but it represents a step further. In fact, thanks to the use of the language of the street, to the spectacle of philosophy "street", the result is explosive. A show full of energy, acrobatics, break dance, set in the streets of a contemporary metropolis and mixed with the sounds and music of the underground scene.

 25 March until 4 April – Rome, Teatro Brancaccio

Settimana della Cultura, Week of Culture. National museums and archeological sites have free admission and some sites not normally open to the public may be open. Some museums in Rome that participate include: The Capitoline Museums and the National Roman Museum, among many others.

April 25 – Liberation Day. A somber day of celebration, April 25 marks the day that Rome and the rest of Italy was liberated at the end of World War II. Commemorative ceremonies are held at the Quirinale Palace among other state venues in the city. The day honors those who served in the Italian Resistance. Marching bands, music concerts, food festivals, political rallies, and other public gatherings take place in many places in Italy.

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pineto attic apartment rome terrace forniture a April in Rome   Come Celebrate Rome´s Birthday!

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