Arti Choc in Amsterdam

Let yourself be surrounded by chocolate

Amsterdam is a great city to shop in and to stay during the holidays. Besides the well known shopping spots in Amsterdam there are many hidden treasures in the old part of the innercity. For example there is Nine streets found in the 'Grachtengordel', the "up & coming" Cornelis Schuytstraat Sout, Waterloo Square and Jordaan with many boutiques and markets.

8279587723f4600c2b2405 Arti Choc in AmsterdamIn the classy Amsterdam-South you can find Arti Choc. A patisserie with an extensive selection of nearly 50 types of chocolates and truffles, made with the best ingredients. These little treasures can be bought in many shapes and flavours.

Besides the extensive selection of chocolates Arti Choc also have a fine selection of fresh coffees & pastries. They also have croquettes, quiches and stew envelopes to take away. In the summer there is Italian ice cream available specially made by the traditional ice specialist Monte Pelmo.

Doorhalen Arti Choc in AmsterdamThe concept of Arti Choc is very pure; exclusively working with the materials of the highest standards and the possible omission of sugar. With a large dose of passion and creativity that is found here and can be tasted in their work, it can't go wrong.

The chocolate itself is made with the highest percentage of cocoa from Callebaut, fresh fruits, delicious creams, freshly roasted nuts from Gotjé and the distillates & spirits of wines from the area. All these fine ingredients are combined together in the open kitchen behind the shop.

These pure ingredients are not all that determine the quality and the enjoyment of the chocolates, they also give the possibility to people with different allergies and food intolerances to also try their fine delicacies. They have products that range from lactose free to gluten free and cocoa free.

BonBons Arti Choc in AmsterdamIn the shop they have a lot of fun and original articles about creatively designed chocolates which are suitable for many occasions. Things like: champagne bottles, coffee pots, wedding couples, pianos, baby bottles, sweet jars, cigars, Oscars, shells, pods, lady shoes, delft blue tiles, wooden shoes, tulips, CD's, etc. Everyone of these little work of art are solely made out of that irresistible chocolate!

As you might have read: There is something for everyone!


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