Audrey Hepburn in Rome: a photographic exhibition at Ara Pacis


Images to tell the 25-year-old actress tied to the city.


“In these days I’ve been visiting so many cities … but my favorite one for sure was Rome!”

This spoke Ann, alias Audrey Hepburn, in her Roman holidays.

With this movie, in 1953 the actress finally went up to the forefront of international cinema, winning an Oscar and imprinting forever the  image of Vespa riding through the city.

After nearly sixty years, Audrey Hepburn returns to Rome.

A photographic exhibition at Ara Pacis, from October 26 to December 4, is the tribute that Rome offers the great diva, telling through images, videos and objects the deep bond with the eternal city.Audrey_Roma

Audrey lived in Rome as actress, mother and ambassador. She dedicated much energy working with UNICEF, and in this mood of solidarity, the exhibition is linked to the fundraising project against child malnutrition, which will be donated part of entrance ticket.

A section of the exhibition brings together images of Audrey Hepburn travelling in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Latin America to help children.

The exhibit is curated by Audrey Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti, born from the marriage with Italian Psychiatrist Andrea Dotti.

A walk among images to tell the 25 years of Audrey in the Italian capital through unpublished shots, private life and career.

Rome has seen many actresses, but she certainly is unforgettable!


Open time: 9:00 to 19:00 hours.
Closed on Mondays Admission: full € 10, € 8 reduced (€ 2.5 donated to UNICEF)
Exhibition Audrey in Rome
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Roman Holiday

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