August in Florence – Day Trip Edition


Since the actual town of Florence is more of a sleeping beauty when it comes to events in August, we decided to expand our horizon a bit this month and extend our area to the whole region of the Tuscany. Anyway, who doesn’t like a nice day-trip or two? Get on the road and look forward to these 3 amazing events to visit!

Roccatederighi – Medieval Festival: If you wish to be a glamorous princess or a shining knight for a day – this event seems to be made for you! Get out your fanciest costume and join the Medieval Festival in Roccatederighi. Every first weekend in August, which marks August 2nd to 4th in 2014, the small town in the Upper Maremma is completely taken over by this nice historical happening bringing its very own vibe with it. This lovely event goes back into the past and relives a feast day in a medieval hamlet including knights, musicians, crafts, jugglers, performances and much more. Look forward to a funny weekend and get ready for a great ancient experience. Roccatederighi is located in southerly direction and is about two hours of driving away. Just pack enough drinks and snacks and make a memorable little road-trip out of it 🙂

florence roccaterighi k.steudel August in Florence – Day Trip Edition

Siena – Palio Horse Race: Palio is a famous horse race annually taking place on July 2nd and August 16th in Siena. During this traditional happening ten riders and horses are competing in a race, dressed in different colors representing ten of the seventeen city wards. The race itself includes three rapid rounds around the Piazza del Campo, is held bareback and doesn’t last usually any longer than 90 seconds. But in general this rather short period of time is enough to provide a great race including some action – since it is not uncommon that several jockeys are thrown off their horses you can see a lot of animals finish the race unmanned. In Siena and its surrounding this event, dating back to the early days of the 16th century, is a rather big deal and one of the most famous and beloved traditions still practiced in town. You can find Siena in the South and the journey doesn’t take more than 1,15 hours.

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Montepulciano – Il Bravio delle Botti: This event is really an exciting spectacle providing one originally Italian happening. Il Bravio delle Botti is an event annually taking place on the last Sunday of August – the 26th in 2014 – and is basically a wine-barrel-race. At Bravio the eight districts of the city compete against each other in a creative but nevertheless exhausting contest: each area is represented by a team of two strong “spingitori” pushing the “botti” (a wodden wine barrel) over the distance of around one kilometer uphill through the steets of the city, accompanied by a lot of cheering runners supporting their district. The pushers finish the race in front of the beautiful Dome of Montepulciano where the winning team finally receives the “bravio”, which is a painted banner. The happening goes back to the 14th century when it was still practiced riding on horses – but since the city of Montepulciano is world-famous for its amazing red wine, it is more than suitable to use thematically linked wine barrels nowadays. A trip to Montepulciano is a 1,20 hours ride by car from Florence and therefore marks a perfect destination for a nice and funny excursion for the whole family.

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