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We need to be honest: traveling to Rome in August can be a bit of a challenge. Since a lot of countries happen to have schools off during the summer the city may be pretty packed – and pretty hot thanks to the climax the Mediterranean temperatures often reach during that time of the year. Anyway: Rome is beautiful and of course also in August a nice destination and good to choice to travel to. Find out what events to Italian capital provides and plan a diversified summer trip!

Festa della Madonna della Neve: “Madonna della Neve” means translated “Madonna of the Snow” and is one of the many names the Catholic church uses for the holy Virgin Mary. There are a lot of festivities honoring this famous figure of history all over the world but the “Feast of the Madonna of the Snow” is celebrated in memory of the miracle summer snowfall in Rome in the 4th century. According to legend the Madonna appeared in Pope’s Liberio’s dream on the 4th of August in 352 talking to him about building a church on the spot in Rome where he would find freshly fallen snow. As the Madonna told him at night the Pope found the summery city of Rome covered in snow. Afterwards the nowadays famous Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore was built. Today Rome celebrates this ancient miracle every year on August 5th recreating snow with white flowers and confetti around the area of the Basilica. Get an impression of what this looks like here.

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Ferragosto: August 15th marks Ferragosto, a national holiday all over Italy. On the Assumption Day you will find the city as quiet and peaceful as you probably wouldn’t even think possible in this touristic and crowded metropolis. Why, you ask? Since offices, shops etc. are generally closed and this holiday takes place during the hottest time of the year, most of the locals leave the city to spend a nice day at the beach or in the mountainside and pretty much emptying out the city. Nevertheless the town is filled with different happenings all over the streets like little markets, music, food crafts and entertainment of all kinds. And you know what the best thing is? Thanks to the collective escape of the inhabitants and the drastically reduced amount of people in town you can enjoy the nice festivities stress-free!

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La Notte del Caffé: This event is a nice thing to attend for everybody loving to enjoy some great music within an easy and relaxed atmosphere. La Notte del Caffé provides an evening filled with the finest sounds by a unique collaboration of different musicians of various genres. On the schedule is a concert providing a manifold way of telling the stories of the Mediterranean area with music. It is said to be one night of different cultures and flavors created by 25 musicians of three ensembles: Citarella, Saletti, Tadayon. With the aim of reliving an recreating long forgotten tunes and styles this interesting concept will take over the Parco Della Musica/Sala Santa Cecilia on August 2nd. Starting at 9.00pm La Notte del Caffé will probably enchant and excite every single spectator on the spot. Tickets come to a moderate price of 15,00€ and is therefore also affordable with a smaller budget.

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