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As most of other Mediterranean cities Venice groans with heat in august. But since nobody should complain about long days of sunshine – and what’s so wrong about high temperatures anyway? –, this shouldn’t keep you from planning an active and diverse trip to Venice during this year’s summertime. As an inspiration we prepared not one, not two but three nice events you could (and should) include into your programm.

Venice International Film Festival: This event is one of the most important happenings taking place in town throughout the entire year. The Venice International Film Festival is organized by the city’s famous La Biennale, which is one of the most renowned and well-known institutions of the cultural scene. Under the direction of Alberto Barbera the event’s 71st edition will take place from August 27th to September 6th and will again bring glitz, glamour and culture to the beautiful city of canals. This happening doesn’t just mark another superficial “Hollywood movies and blockbusters” event – the International Film Festival in Venice stands for the highest quality and respectability aiming to raise awareness and support all the different aspects of cinema. An additional goal is to present international filming in all its characteristics: art, entertainment, industry, spirit of freedom and dialogue.

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Ferragosto: This day could also run under the name “the big city escape” because this is what Ferragosto basically means for most Venetians. August 15th marks the Assumption Day in Italy, which is a national holiday within the whole country. Since most of the shops, offices and Co. are closed plus this day happens to take place during the generally hottest time of the year, locals benefit from this holiday and leave the city to spend some nice hours on the beaches or in the countryside. Sooo… if you are looking for spending a relaxed day, wandering quiet and peaceful streets, sipping a Latte Macchiatto while simply enjoying Venice’s magical atmosphere: this would be your perfect day to do so! Whoever is in the mood to end that easy day with a little bit of action, usually there is a free concert in the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta on the island of Torcello in the evening.

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Art or Sound: What better place to escape from the burning temperatures than a nice and cool museum? And if there happens to be a great exhibition on the hold – even better! From June 7th to November 3rd, perfectly covering the hottest time of the year, a nice thing called Art or Sound is taking place in Venice’s Ca’Corner della Regina. Dedicated to the relationship and history of art and sounds, the presentation provides different aspects and pieces of work of this complex dialogue. The exhibit, organized by the Fondazione Prada, occupies the currently refurbished rooms of the city’s beautiful musem and opens its freshly painted doors with Art or Sound for the first time to the public. Showing more than 180 works containing musical instruments, mechanic objects, arrangements, paintings, sculptures, installations and sound devices, the exhibition promises to be a manifold experience. Art or Sound can be visited daily (except tuesdays; closed) from 10.00am to 6.00pm, tickets cost around 10,00€.

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