Barcelona -an international metropole

People from all around the world in one place

Barcelona is based on a lot of case studies and statistic one of the beautiful places in terms of city, living-style and beaches.

It is at the same time such an amazing place with people from all around the world.

Barcelona is a fantastic place because it has everything what a lot of people are searching for :

a big city to live in and a holiday resort with beaches at the same time.

Good reasons to come to visit or even to live In Barcelona.

Accordingly to idescar which analyzed the foreign population in Barcelona in 2012, the most common age group is between 25-34 years old.

Last year there were about more that 100.000 people who came to live in Barcelona for different reasons.

In the list you find the most common nationalities in Barcelona:

República Dominicana
United Kingdom


United States















As you can see from the list Barcelona is a really cosmopolitan city.

If you interested in spending some time with international people who are not always tourist, here you can find some places:

Good places for international people especially in the age of 20-30 are the places at the beach like Shoko and Opium ,

close to Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta.

You can find more information about  Shoko in our article.

Another place is more in the city center, close to the  Diagonal  Street called Sutton.

Every week there are special events in this clubs and sometimes for free when you write your name on the reservation list.


We know another place which can be international but in which you should feel national- it's your home and apartment.

For the sea side areas we are providing beautiful apartments. See the apartments at the sea side area Poble- Nou.

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