Barcelona. Cirque du Soleil- VAREKAI. 5/Nov/2010 – 5/Dec/2010

Varekai. Cirque du Soleil

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL- VAREKAI.  5/Nov/2010 – 5/Dec/2010
Gran Carpa a la Plataforma del Zoo Marí (Av. Litoral amb Josep Pla)

image 1405022 Barcelona. Cirque du Soleil  VAREKAI.  5/Nov/2010   5/Dec/2010

What to do with children during your stay with Habitat Apartments in Barcelona? In that article we recommend and unique experience. "Varekai performance"

This stunning circus act ‘Varekai’ is based on a fantastical world in the middle of a forest, where enchanted creatures reside and anything is possible. The gypsy name Varekai means ‘wherever’ and praises the nomad spirit and soul of the circus tradition. The performance is an amazing visual spectacle, combining dramatic dancing with dazzling choreography and acrobatics. The music is loud and innovative, but the most striking aspect has to be the colourful and unique costumes and set designs. Cirque de Soleil is world renowned for a reason, and offers the ultimate circus experience.

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