Barcelona in November – a month full with concerts, festivals and fairs

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As every year, November in Barcelona starts with La Castanyada, meaning All Saints' Day and the evening before. The festival is called after the traditional treats of castanyes (roasted chestnuts) which are often consumed with moniatos (roasted sweet potatoes) and panellets (cakes), drinking muscatel sweet wine. You should definitely taste it!

Families in Barcelona often celebrate the public holiday with a meal togehther, a visit to the church to honour Catholic Saints and a visit to the cemetery to honour deceased family members.

There are also several events for music-lover in November in Barcelona. Inter alia Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, and OneRepublic are coming to the city. Have a look at the details:

lady gaga1 Barcelona in November   a month full with concerts, festivals and fairs

Lady Gaga's art rave


Lady Gaga                                      8th November                               El Palau Sant Jordi arena

Guana Apes                                    8th November                              Sala Razzmatazz

Enrique Iglesias                              13th November                             El Palau Sant Jordi arena

OneRepublic                                   19th November                            Sant Jordi Club Barcelona 

Ed Sheeran                                     24th November                            Sant Jordi Club Barcelona 


You are more the athletic person? There is also a nice event for you in Barcelona.

Cursa Jean Bouin 2014  
The 91st Jean Bouin Mundo Deportivo takes place on Sunday 23rd November. There are two competitions, one over a distance from 5km and one from 10km. If you want to participate in the race, you can register until 18th November.


Last but not least, there are several cultural events as fairs, festivals and exhibtion in the city in November. Have a look at all those nice events, coming to Barcelona soon.

Barcelona Manga Fair
The 20th anniversary editiona which excpects to welcome more than 100,000 visitors, takes place at the Fira de Barcelona at Montjuïc. During the four-days event (30
th Oct-2nd Nov), there will be Manga films, stands, video games, conferences, workshops and more. The entrance costs 7 Euro.      

Art Futura  
From the 6th November on, the ArtFutura arrives to 20 cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Mexico DF ect. This years's theme is "The Digital Promise". The ArtFutura in Barcelona takes place at CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona). 

World Press Photo 
For over 55 years the World Press Photo contest takes place every year. During the following year, the prize-winning photographs, assembled into an exhibition, travel to 45 countries. The exhibition is coming to Barcelona from 6th November to 8th December. Don't miss all those nice photos! The entrance is only about 6 Euro.john stanmeyer 2013 Barcelona in November   a month full with concerts, festivals and fairs
Winner of the World Press Photo 2014

Sâlmon Dance festival
This year the Sâlmon Dance festival takes place from the 27th Nov to 7th December in Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. There will be again several new European artists performing with fresh ideas and sometimes going against the current.

L’Alternativa film festival
This event, hold to showcase the best international independent filmmaking from the last two years, starts on 17th November. There is a wide range of contemporary films coming to Barcelona. New directors and screening little-known films will be introduced. It will take place at CCCB.

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art1a kitchen Barcelona in November   a month full with concerts, festivals and fairs

© image Lady Gaga: Official Website

© image World Press Photo: John Stanmeyer, 2013


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