Barcelona, Pick of the week 26 July-1 August 2010

Murmuri Restaurant, Barcelona

La Trastienda del Polvorí. Camí del Polvorí. Sants/Monjuic.  8/07- 1/08/2010

During your stay in Barcelona with Habitat Apartments, Would you like to discover a unique and sensorial experience? "We hide from ourselves, but our other selves are always fighting to get out. What should we do? Master them by force, or seduce them, play with them?" That is how Enrique Vargas introduces this new work, with which El Polvorí de Montjuïc, home to the "Teatro de los Sentidos" theatre company, will open its doors. Moreover, one and all are invited to come backstage to La trastienda del Polvorí, where anything can happen and where those that would find must first… lose themselves.

Counterfeit Coinage. From Antiquity to the Euro
11st of Juny 2010 – 08th of May 2011

Are you in our Barcelona Apartment? Visit this interesting exhibition:Counterfeiting has been a travelling companion of coinage right from the very start. The issuing authorities have combated it with the law, through punitive measures, and with technology, encouraging the improvement of the minting of coinage. Additionally, in each period practical methods for exposing forgeries have also been introduced. The exhibition sheds light on this true clandestine story but way of some of the most notable pieces featuring in this long, continuous and exciting adventure stretching from Antiquity to the present day.

MURMIRI RESTAURANT. Rambla de Catalunya, 104.
restaurante murmuri1 150x150 Barcelona, Pick of the week 26 July 1 August 2010Barcelona ( Eixample Izquierda)

Murmuri restaurant is bright and airy place where stands a bold design, artwork created by the interior decorator Kelly Hoppen. Murmuri offers one of the best dining options in Barcelona. The fusion of Mediterranean and Asian tradition is present in a variety of original and delicious dishes. Murmuri The restaurant has become the new focal point for most fashionable people in Barcelona.

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