Barcelona Pick of the week 31 May-6 June 2010

Fundació Antoni Tàpies Barcelona

Edelmann (Portal de l´Angel 6)
At Edelmann you can enjoy daily fresh menus and ingredients. The restaurant isn´t too expensive, there is a quick and friendly service and the employees speak more languages than just Catalan. Its central location near the Cathedral and the Ramblas makes it a relief between all the touristic restaurants. This place is adored by tourists and locals alike. Prices vary between €10 to €14.
The following apartments lie very close to this restaurant: Plaza del Pi apartment, Banys apartment and Ferran 2 apartment.

Primavera Sound Festival (27-29 May – Parc del Forùm)
This festival is a true recommendation for the music lover and it might be worth to combine this event with a city trip. Every year about a hundred artists from all over the world turn up at this event. Most of them are quite unknown and the real famous bands will not show up here, but Spanish rock is very refreshing and fun. It´s a different sound from any known festival in the world.
Apartments near the beach can be found here: Beach apartments

Alma Matrix (14 May-1 August – Fundació Antoni Tàpies)Fundació Antoni Tàpies 250x300 Barcelona Pick of the week 31 May 6 June 2010
The exhibition Alma Matrix. Bracha L. Ettinger and Ria Verhaeghe shows how Ettinger and Verhaeghe use images of anonymous persons found in newspapers and archival materials, which they articulate through methods of compilation and techniques of copying, deleting, tracing and painting.
As an artist and a psychoanalyst, Ettinger integrates both practices in her work and has developed a peculiar approach to applied psychoanalysis, halfway between artistic and curative practice. Verhaeghe collects, combines and binds her images with the use of computers, or with the type of soft, protecting materials, such as latex or wadding, found in her sculptures.
The Bruc-, Gracia Deluxe– and Pedrera apartments are close to this museum.

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