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Reinventing the Craft

bb oggetti arte BB Atelier in Rome

For a long time, in the Nineteenth century, it seemed that we were losing the magic of crafts and uniqueness of the product. Serial productions swept away small shops, professions and above all artistic creations of great charm.

It's a pleasure discovering that, lately, an army of young and talented artists have picked up the old artisan tradition, creating a new contemporary form of artistic expression where the most innovative design marries the old concept of unique piece.

bb oggetti arte3 BB Atelier in Rome

If you love exclusive furnishings for the home and the table, you definitely have to visit this stylish Atelier in Rome: BB Oggetti d'Arte.

If you aren't interested in this kind of stuff at all, you definitely have to go there as well, because it's the occasion to fall in love with.

bb oggetti arte2 BB Atelier in Rome

Collections feature glasses, jugs, vases in silver and blown glass using the ancient techniques of Murano masters and worked by silversmiths in Florence. Its special feature is the perfection of the miniature engravings and bas-relief of the effects on the glass that creates extraordinary light effects.

The artist is B. B. Peretti who personally designs and creates this line of exclusive objects since 2005 when founded the company.

The most fascinating detail in her products is that glasses, jugs and plates of transparent or colored glass are engraved with architectural details, mythological symbols, floral, portraits and coats of arms, edged in gold or platinum.

bb oggetti arte5 BB Atelier in Rome

If you are looking for a really unconventional present (and even if the present is for you!). If you are able to appreciate design products and artistic crafts. If curious.

If… in Rome, the address is:

bb Oggetti d’Arte

Via Madonna dei Monti 62
00148 Roma, Italia

Telephone +39 06 85300635

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