Be Prepared: 10 Beauty Must-Packs for Your Summer Vacation


Your tickets are booked, your suitcase is pulled out and some brand new swimwear is waiting for you to show it off. When your holidays are just around the corner there is not just a lot to look forward to, but also some important things that should be thought about before entering your plane to paradise in order to make your vacation perfectly enjoyable. To help you figure out a little easier what needs to be on top of your pre-holiday shopping list, we summed up the Top 10 Beauty Must-Packs that are essential for an ideal summer trip.
Sun protection: Actually it is obvious that any kind of sun protection is important, but since it is such a main thing, we decided to expressively point that out anyway. Trust us, you won’t enjoy your 14-day-trip if you burned yourself badly at the very first day at the beach and from then on are forced to cool down and stay in the shadow. Don’t be stingy on that, you’re skin will thank you in 20 years.

Flashy Nail Polish: What better opportunity to go bright and fancy than during the summer time? Shining colors look always better with a little tan, so be brave and put on some flashy nail polish. No matter if it’s neon-orange, grass-green or glaring-pink – there is nothing that wouldn’t work on your nails during summer. Take a look at the new Essie collection and get inspired.

Hair Care: You may love sun, the beach and the ocean, but be aware that your hair generally hates that combination! In order not to ruin your hair over long days relaxing with your toes in the sand, be clever and pamper it well with some extra treatment like daily hair masks, especially moisturizing conditioners or even leave-in beach sprays like the one from Phyto Plage.

Blotting Paper: When the climate gets warmer and the sun heats up the air, you probably won’t be able to stop the annoying little drops of sweat running down your face. But don’t resign on that, using rubbing blotting paper removes all the oil from your skin without killing your make-up. Thumbs up!   

Face Spray: Another great thing to fight the summer heat is Face Spray. Just spray it generously all over your face, cleavage and arms and you will feel refreshed right away. You can easily put it in your bag to have it with you during the day and use it whenever you’re up to – it will most likely become one of your best friends 🙂 Especially recommended can be the Mineral Water Spray from Evian.

Fresh Fragrances: Summer is not the time for heavy, extremely intense perfumes. Our advice: leave your Chanel No. 5 at home and more likely pack some fresh and fruity fragrances that fit summertime a little better. Our selection: DKNY Red Delicious, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Biotherm Eau d’Energie.

Moisturizer: Protect the skin you’re in – and treat it well! In order that your skin won’t get dry and scabby over salty water and sun bathing, it is essential to provide some extra moisture with high-quality moisturizers. Pack two different ones for body and face and use them assiduously every day after washing off a day at the beach. A great choice is offered by Clinique.

Waterproof Make Up: Summer may celebrate pretty little dresses and fashionable shorts, but it’s definitely NOT make-up-friendly. The basic advice is not to use a lot of make up at all during summertime, but the products you do use should be able to fight sun, ocean and a little sweat. Therefore don’t forget to buy at least some waterproof concealer and mascara to protect yourself from the feared “panda-look”.

Bronzer: There is nothing wrong with loving to shine bright. To give your freshly tanned skin the extra glow, try some bronzer. Choosing one with a light golden shimmer will help your face and body sparkle in a beautiful way and make heads turn while entering a beach bar at night. Click through and make your choice.

Foot Butter: No matter if you are male or female: summertime is foot-free-season. Flip Flops, Sandals, High-Heels etc. are great, but they are also merciless when it comes to the condition of your feet. For perfectly soft and pretty feet free of any distracting hard skin, foot butter is the perfect choice. Our advice: start your treatment at least two weeks before sandal-season starts 😉


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