Best Jazz Venues in Amsterdam

Locales de Jazz en Amsterdam

jazz amsterdam 257x300 Best Jazz Venues in AmsterdamYou may be spending a few days of vacation in Amsterdam in one of the tourist apartments by Habitat Apartments. That is why we recommend places to go out and enjoy evenings of great music surrounding Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a city with a great local tradition dedicated to jazz music. During the twentieth century the city was visited by some of the greatest artists in jazz (Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Stan Getz, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, etc).

Traditional jazz shows are not advertised on large billboards, lovers of this music are summoned by word of mouth and the locations are always packed. Amsterdam is the ideal city to for old jazz bars or shows on the waterfront. For this reason, a visit to Amsterdam can be a good time to take a night for Jazz. This beat, although not always publicly known, does not usually bother anyone.

In Amsterdam there are many local spots to choose from, where you can find many of the great stars of jazzyou can attend a concert almost every day of the week.

Here are just some of the best jazz venues in Amsterdam:

  • Bourbon Street
    Young, colorful and at times noisy. Open every night of the week.

  • Jazz Café Alto
    It's a small place, with an equally small and cozy setting.

  • Casablanca
    Venue which blends theater, karaoke, jazz and all that is entertainment for something called Casablanca Variété. Its best to look at the website before you go.

  • Biumhuis
    It is the great cathedral of jazz. Finally there is a great venue for jazz which hosts numerous outstanding concerts where you can listen to great jazz musicians. It houses improvised jazz of the Dutch school and other contemporary expressions, providing a perspective on Dutch and international music in over 200 concerts each year. Concerts Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • De Badcuyp
    A restaurant with theater and dance hall, where there is salsa and other Latin rhythms. On Thursday and Friday there is world music, jazz and improvisation. On Saturday and Sunday there is salsa. On weekdays, the stage is open for new artists. Meetings are held regularly and courses are offered.

  • Joseph Lam Jazz Club
    In the Oude Houthaven on the street Van Diemenstraat 8, is the District Gouden Reaal, separated from Jordaan by the railroad tracks. In the Joseph Lam you can find traditional jazz with other aspects and Sunday there is jam session.

And finally I must mention that one of the largest festivals dedicated to jazz, the North Sea Jazz Festival is held every year not far from Amsterdam, in the city of  Hague (Den Haag). It is a little more than 60 km away from Amsterdam and can be reached in less than an hour, which is more or less the same as if walking through the city of Amsterdam from your hotel to any of the premises devoted to jazz.

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