BLN La Casa del Tè


 Tea Shop in Gracia

Where there's tea there's hope.
Arthur W. Pinero

Sometimes people can be categorized for their preferences: dogs or cats owners, hot or cold destinations for holidays, burger addicted or vegetarian and so on…

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Another big difference, especially at breakfast or snack time, is among the admirers of tea and coffee. To any of the two groups you belong, I'm sure that this little shop in the heart of Gracia, Barcelona, will win you over: BLN La Casa Del Tè.

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In this cozy and decorated shop, Belén, the owner, has selected a wide variety of teas, infusions and coffee: Tai Mahal, black tea, cinammon tea, earlgrey, touareg tea, mate and much more products.

bln la casa del te 300x225 BLN La Casa del Tè

In addictions, you can complete your break by choosing cups, teapots and everything you need to accompany your tea.

Calle Escorial, 36 08024 Barcelona

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