Brazil Festival in Amsterdam 2011

From 2 September to 25 November 2011 there is a Brazil Festival in Amsterdam.



After successful festivals of India and China aimed Amsterdam in October and November the spotlight on Brazil: the Brazil Festival. Brazil is not only the land of samba, carnival, swinging soccer and capoeira, but also with a growing economy and a flourishing culture. Monday, October 3, 2011 Princess Maxima opened the Brazil Festival on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. At 18.45 starts a carnival parade with drummers, dancers with floats goes from the Van Baerlestraat to the square. There's the Sambadrome, a Brazilian designer Ronaldo Fraga by the developed heart of the festival.

The launch follows a show with music, dancing and fireworks. Begins at 20.15 the opening concert of the Brazilian Assad family in the Concertgebouw: a mix of pop, classical and folk music. The Brazil Festival offers a lot of different activities for two months at various places in the capital. Keyword of the festival is 'multicultural'. The Brazilian culture is similar to the Brazilian cuisine: a blend of the best of many worlds. Film, architecture, classical music and dance, it all comes together in the Brazil Festival!



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