Café Hoppe

Café Hoppe

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One of the oldest bar of Amsterdam 1670

Café Hoppe is a typical bar in Amsterdam, founded in 1670. With his lovely dutch looks it is a bar with charisma. Café Hoppe is split up in two sides. A standing side (Sta-Hoppe) and a sitting side (Zit-Hoppe),

Café Hoppen has an big history, they brew there own beer in the cafe at the beginning. In 1970 they became 'gerstenatChampion', in 2005 the bar is still a great succes. They sold 600.000 glasses of beer.

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The big secret of Café Hoppe what lead them to a big succes is that they never changed something. The beer is still comming from a tap out of the wall, there is still sand on the floor and no music, the bar still has the same looks as the bar did 342 years ago. You can still see the barrels behind the bar where they us to put gin and liqueur in.

An American magazine (Newsweek) sad once the bar is one of the 10 greatest bar here on the planet. A big reason to visit Café Hoppe when you visted Amsterdam. 

Café Hoppe is the perfect bar to experience the feeling from an old dutch bar. With the old barrels behind the bar and special beer taps.

Opening hours Café Hoppe

Sunday to thursday from 08:00 to 01:00
Friday and saterday from 08:00 to 02:00

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