Casal dels Infants- show solidarity!

Habitat Apartments takes part in the "Solidarity Checking" initiative

casal dels infantslogo Casal dels Infants  show solidarity!

The tourism association Apartur with a member ship of 100 companies managing apartments in Barcelona is supporting mothers at risks with babies of 0-3 years.


Solidarity Checking was created in order to combine the tourism sector with the Casal des Infants.
Casal dels Infants is working since 30 years with children suffering from poverty in Spain.

Till now they helped 6000 children and families to start a better life in terms of: education, reinforcement in school, supporting spaces etc.
Children and young people will get better start conditions thanks to Casal dels Infants.
The cycle of poverty can be broken when everybody is helping a little bit.

Casal dels Infants with its 800 volunteers is facing these problems every day.
If you also want to help and be part of our association go online and 1€ will be destined to Casal dels Infants when your clients are booking one of your apartments.


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