Catalan Christmas Traditions

Caga Tio Barcelona 2015

December is the month to Experience the Catalan Christmas traditions in Barcelona.

Christmas time is one of the most charming periods in Barcelona. During the month December there are plenty of activities to do in the Catalan city. We have already listed the most popular Catalan Christmas Tradition for you. So you can experience the Catalan culture as a real local.

Caga tió

Caga tió (shitting log) is a Christmas character which is a hollow log that the Catalan children display in their house from 8th December. The children cover the log with a red blanket and feed it every day till Christmas Eve. On that day, the children beat the caga tió with a stick and sing songs until it starts pooping present and candy.

Caga Tio Barcelona 2015 Catalan Christmas Traditions

  Christmas Shopping

Fira de Santa Llucia Christmas market is the most well-known Christmas market of Barcelona. Barcelona´s main market is open from the end of November to the 23rd December. In this market, you will have enough chance to buy your Christmas presents. The market offers also a lot of traditional nativity scenes, as well as hand crafted jewelry. It is also the ideal place to gather some gift ideas and festive inspiration for your family and friends.

Santa Llucia Market Barcelona 2015 Catalan Christmas Traditions

Three kings Day

The three kings day (Dia de los Reyes Mayos) is one of the most celebrated festivals in Barcelona. The day itself is on the 6th of January, But the main party starts on the evening before the official day. The three wise man will arrive around 16:30 at Port Vell.  From there, the parade ( Cabalgata de Reyes) will go through the city of Barcelona. During this parade, the floats are highly decorated and music is playing while they are going sweets and small gifts to the sweet children, and give coal to the naughty ones.  

The finish of the parade will be around 21:30 at the junction of Avinguda Rius I Taulet and Avinguda Maria Cristina, Close to the Magic Fountain of  Montjuic.

Three kings Barcelona 2015 Catalan Christmas Traditions

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