Coffee shops in Amsterdam

wi Coffee shops in Amsterdam


The most famous place to visit in Amsterdam


In Amsterdam there are a lot of places to go, but the Coffee shops will always be the most famous, there in amsterdam at the moment more than 300 coffee shops. It is always really bissy in amsterdam, there are so many people who are smoking weed. Every day all of the shops are filled with tourists and dutch people.

If it's your first time in a Amsterdam and you want to go into a coffeeshop don't be shy or scared. it's just like walking into a regular shop. Just walk up to the counter and ask for a menu which will include a variety of cannabis buds and hash, ranging in quality from OK to incredible. Feel free to ask questions,  the staff in most places are quite friendly but some are as rude as hell. Most will give you a loan of a pipe or bong to use. Rolling papers and filter tips are available as well, usually at the counter.
Coffee Shops in Amsterdam Coffee shops in Amsterdam

The average price of a small bag (1 gram) runs approximately Euro 6-8. For you Americans that have no idea what a gram is, a "dime bag" is typically about half a gram. Some places offer pre-rolled joints of pure grass for around Euro 7 or grass and hash joints mixed with tobacco Euro 3-4.


Bob Marley Legend Coffee shops in Amsterdam


Bob Marley


When people are talking about weed, mostly they think about Bob Marley he was the person who made it look normal and let everyone want to try it. Bob Marley did not use cannabis recreationally, and did not see its use as a casual matter.

Viewing himself as a holy person (as do all Rastafarians), Marley strongly believed that marijuana opened up a spiritual door which allowed him to become the artist and poet he was. Sadly he past away, but no one will ever forget Bob Marley.


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